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J. D. Hutchison - You and the World Outside

J. D. Hutchison


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2016 - 14 songs from this legendary southern Ohio bluegrass guitar picker and songwriter, author of many songs popularized by Hot Rize and others. Produced by his old pal Tim O'Brien, with John Edwards and JD's band "Realbilly Jive."

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  1. Little Legs Moan
  2. Another Fool's Cafe
  3. Since My Bird Has Flied Away
  4. I Pity the Son and the Daughter
  5. Ooby Doobly
  6. Approximately Love
  7. Love at a Distance
  8. Don't Talk About Love
  9. The Song Around Your Life
  10. My Little Darlin'
  11. Devil Getcha Baby
  12. Ivory Bones and Ebony Dots
  13. You and the World Outside
  14. That Ain't All of Me