Customer Testimonials and Reviews

I have been meaning to let y'all know how much I have appreciated exploring your web site and emails over the past few years. Comically I am elderly and have some rather elderly instruments. My first experience with your store was purchasing a set of Rickenbacker bass strings several years ago for a fraction of what I could have ordered them from the Rickenbacker web site. I had been stalking your website for quite some time while trying to justify buying myself a better acoustic bass.

Every time I would visit your site a pop up would come up about registering for a monthly prize. Some times I would register, but since I really never won anything substantial in the past 69 years, some times I wouldn't enter my email address again figuring it could just be a ploy to get more email addresses for your mailing list. But then "Boom" last month I actually won. Of course being skeptical of internet prizes first I wondered if this was some sort of scam where someone had hijacked your company name in an attempt to get more of my personal information. But no it was the real deal. I used the gift card to buy the black 1997 Guild B4. Your website had described it as sold 'As is" but in excellent condition. The guitar was shipped in a week from Michigan to my home in Georgia expertly packed. The Guild really looks basically new - not so much as a blemish or scratch- it sounds and plays great.

I would agree that it is as advertised "in excellent condition". So thank you so much . Congratulations on the 50 years of Elderly Instruments, may you have many, many more.



The availability to purchase/own an instrument of this quality is difficult to find where I reside. Please thank Steve O. for the setup. I believe you sell more Martin Guitars than any store in the world. The playability/sound is outstanding.

You are only able to ship me used guitars but this looks new to me. It was well taken care of. You can't ship amps but I am tempted with your Fender DELUXE TWEED 1958. You have an excellent team at elderly. You nailed it with your customer service. You make us all better musicians.



I first visited in 1986, and have outfitted myself and my music students from there ever since. Elderly is much more than a music store, and I never tire of the feeling I get when I walk through the front door. A museum, with a close knit community that cares for it, a destination point for friends from widespread parts, a road trip with my children, date time with my wife…



Thanks to Louis Konkoly in sales, for his fantastic phone description of a 1976 Sakurai classical guitar that I just purchased online from you. AND – for the time he took to record and email me a fantastic 2+ minute demo of the sound, through some of his fine playing. Much appreciated, and that’s customer service at its very best! Louis is an asset to your excellent shop. Warmest regards



Happy 50th birthday, Elderly! I grew up across the street and as children my brother and I would come over there and buy guitar picks because it was all we could afford there. Your staff was always patient and polite even though we were annoying children without a parent disrupting their work day. I would gently try to play violin (I took 4 years of it in school until they took away orchestra!) I’m so excited to see you made it to 50 years! My dad still lives there and is excited to listen to the music today! Happy birthday



Good Morning. I visited your store this past Saturday. I am from Roanoke, VA and was in town for a friends wedding and discovered your store from a random google search. I wanted to reach out and give you my sincere thanks. I am clearly not a local yet from the moment I walked in the door until my exit I was treated like a friend that regularly swings by the shop. Unfortunately I can not remember for the life of me the name of the person that was so helpful to me as I would like to compliment him directly. I tested the southern jumbo and j45 in the lower practice space if he happens to remember me. Again, thank you for making me feel at home!



There is something very satisfying as a sixteen year old singer-songwriter buying your own guitars from money you make gigging. I work really hard! I ended up with a Martin Guitar but I spent three days in a row trying out all sorts of guitars. The service and encouragement from Elderly Instruments was top notch. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and feedback. Can’t wait for the next purchase!