Elderly Instruments is a fretted and stringed musical instrument dealer, founded in 1972. We specialize in new, used, and vintage instruments, and pride ourselves on being a trusted source for musicians worldwide.

Elderly Instruments’ staff of highly experienced musicians and music lovers gives us an ability to assist every customer in many ways that others cannot. It is important that Elderly employees continue to develop their in-depth knowledge of musical instruments (vintage and new), so we can offer the best service possible. Our people are equally as important as our instruments!


Elderly Core Values:

Knowledgeable - We are the ambassadors of fretted and stringed instruments. As a team, we are the experts that help all musicians better their craft. If we don’t know an answer, we acknowledge that and try to find out. Our knowledge and willingness to grow is the backbone of Elderly Instruments.

Community Focused - We understand that all Elderly stakeholders create our world. We consider all parties when making decisions and always try to positively interact with customers, coworkers, vendors, and fans of Elderly.

Enthusiastic - We share our customers' passion for all music and this is demonstrated in how we approach our work. We are proud to assist every step of the way.

Authentic - We believe our reputation is upheld by our honesty. We strive to remain genuine and empathetic when interacting with our customers, coworkers and Elderly stakeholders.

Resilient - We pride ourselves on standing strong through internal and external hardship. We trust each other and our ability to creatively adjust and adapt as needed.

Results-Oriented - In every aspect of Elderly, the end result is how we maintain our reputation. Every perfect setup and repair, timely package, and friendly interaction builds a lasting positive impression on our customers. They deserve to trust that we'll get the job done correctly.


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