Welcome to Elderly Instruments, your favorite family-owned and operated music store in Lansing, Michigan. We carry a wide variety of new, used & vintage instruments and have been shipping them world-wide since 1975. Whether you’re looking for the latest guitar, a vintage mandolin, a used banjo, or accessories for all of the above, we have you covered.

Your instrument is more than just an object, it's an extension of your creativity and passion. That's why we've been servicing and repairing instruments since 1972. We were among the first stores to establish the policy of inspecting every instrument that we sell, a policy that's become even more important in the age of internet shopping where instruments can change hands without ever being checked.

Our skilled repair shop personnel inspect and set up virtually every fretted instrument we sell. From acoustic and electric guitars to resonators, banjos, mandolins, and ukuleles, we ensure that each instrument is set up for the best possible playability. When you purchase an instrument from Elderly Instruments, you can trust that it has been carefully inspected and set up to meet our high standards of quality.

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