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Wild Hog

Aaron Jonah Lewis & Thomas Bailey


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2012 - Lewis plays fiddle, banjo and sings; Bailey plays guitar, fiddle and he also sings; and featuring bassist Max Johnson. Tunes and singin' from the old-time southern Appalachian tradition "recorded live in one take with no overdubs at Sheriff Bob's Place, NYC." "Sandy Boys," "Milwaukee Blues," "Martha Campbell," "Gumberland Crap," 15 in all.

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  1. Farewell Princeton
  2. Sandy Boys
  3. Tug Boat
  4. Groundhog
  5. Milwaukee Blues
  6. Ruth's Rag
  7. Ruth's Rag
  8. Too Ning
  9. I'm Going Back to Jericho
  10. Greasy Coat
  11. Won't Go Home Til the Morning
  12. Wild Hog in the Woods
  13. Richmond
  14. Martha Campbell
  15. Gumberland Crap