Neil Woodward

Way of the Rail

sku: BD-CD010
2007 -- Collected for "Michigan's Troubador" and his long residency at Flint's Historic Crossroads village and the Huckleberry Railroad. Seven songs from Neil's now out-of-print "Crossroads Serenade" album; "Jay Gould's Daughter" and "Big Rock Candy Mountain" from 1998's "Old Timers" album, "St. Anne's Reel" from 2004's "Michigan-i-a" and three newly recorded songs -- PLUS a new Edison wax cylinder recording of Neil singing "Big Rock Candy Mountain!" In a cardboard slipcase.   More Details...

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  1. Engine 464
  2. Hobo's Last Ride
  3. Jay Gould's Daughter
  4. St Anne's Reel
  5. The Big Rock Candy Mountain
  6. The Wreck of Old 97
  7. The Old Rugged Cross/Sweet Hour of Prayer
  8. Engine 143 (The Wreck on the C&O)
  9. Railroad Bill
  10. Cindy Cindy
  11. Bury Me Beneath the Willow
  12. Crossroads Serenade
  13. The Fishin' Blues
  14. (The Big Rock Candy Mountain)