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Ukulele for Guitar Players - Lesson 2: Beyond the Basics

Ukulele for Guitar Players - Lesson 2: Beyond the Basics

taught by Adam Traum

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DOWNLOAD ONLY. In Lesson 2 Adam moves to more advanced techniques. After a brief breakdown of transposing from first position chords on the guitar to the ukulele, he digs into closed position chords, licks and picking hand ideas for more complex songs. 

He starts with jug band perennial, Stealin’, and quickly moves to the blues classic, Hesitation Blues, where he shows licks, chords up the neck and some fun breaks. 

Wayfaring Stranger, in D minor, uses hammer-ons and pull-offs along with moveable closed chord voicings, while Wanderin’, taught in the key of F, is in the vein of Vernon Dalhart’s version. Adam shows you a variety of major and minor chords and includes a cool string-bending riff at the turnaround. 

Adam ends his lesson with the Stephen Foster classic, Beautiful Dreamer, which lends itself beautifully to the re-entrant tuned ukulele, using expressive double-stops and a mix of first position and closed chords. 70 min.
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