Eden MacAdam-Somer & Larry Unger

Through Many a Land

sku: BLACS-CD31
2015 - Free-ranging program of 14 tunes and some songs from fiddler/violist MacAdam-Somer and Unger on guitar, banjo, akonting and Jew's harp. Some traditional tunes, some Unger originals and music from Percy Mayfield, Beethoven, Floyd Cramer and more.   More Details...

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  1. Hambone
  2. My Baby Loves to Honky Tonk (All Night Long)
  3. Old Bangum and the Wild Boar
  4. Danville Girl
  5. La Marmotte
  6. Sarah Jane
  7. Di Sapozhkalekh
  8. But On the Other Hand Baby
  9. Glory in the Meetinghouse
  10. Robbie and Holly
  11. Anar Anar
  12. Red Mountain
  13. Last Date
  14. Soft Shoe Louie