Terri Hendrix

The Spiritual Kind

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2007 -- Sixth album from Texas songwriter, singer and model indie artist Hendrix! with longtime sideman Lloyd Maines, bassist Glenn Fukunaga, Riley Osbourn on keys and others. "Life's a Song," "What is the Color of the Soul?," "Jim Thorpe's Blues," "No Love in Texas," "If I Had a Daughter," seven more.   More Details...

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  1. Life's a Song
  2. Bottom of a Hill
  3. The Spiritual Kind
  4. Pastures of Plenty
  5. Acre of Land
  6. What is the Color of the Soul
  7. Soul of my Soul
  8. Things Change
  9. No Love in Texas
  10. Jim Thorpe's Blues
  11. If I Had a Daughter
  12. Mood Swing