Doug Berch

The Sadness of Common Objects: Hammered Dulcimer Instrumentals

sku: DB-CD02
2008 -- 45 minutes of original and traditional music on solo hammered dulcimer from this acclaimed artist: "African Hymn," "Ocean of Wisdom," "Willie O Winsbury," "You Created Earthly Life to Manifest and Pass Away," nine more.   More Details...

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  1. African Hymn
  2. Come All Ye Fair and Tender Ladies
  3. The Hand That Gives
  4. Ocean of Wisdom
  5. Reynardine
  6. All Through the Night
  7. Variation of an Ethiopian Jewish Song
  8. I Shall Arise
  9. Merhaba
  10. Willie O Winsbury
  11. The Sadness of Common Objects
  12. Planxty Eleanor Plunkett
  13. You Created Earthly Life to Manifest and Pass Away