The Portland Collection, Volume 3 - Contra Dance Music in the Pacific Northwest

by Susan Songer with Clyde Curley
sku: 463-4
314 tunes collected from musicians in the Portland, Oregon and Bellingham, Washington areas of the Pacific Northwest. The editors "aimed for a balance among genres and key signatures, and between tunes with a classic feel and those with modern-sounding melodies and rhythms." No duplication from previous volumes. With extensive notes on the tunes, discography, bibliogrpahy, list of tunes by key and meter, and an alphabetical list with alternate titles. 7" x 8.5" Spiralbound. 326 pp.


  • A Jig
  • Aaron’s Key
  • Accidental
  • Accordion Crimes
  • Acorn Stomp, Part 2
  • Across the Black River
  • Adirondack, The
  • Adriatic Bridge, The
  • Aimé Gagnon
  • An Titim Fada see Long Drop, The
  • Argo’s Reel
  • Asturian Way
  • Auld Fiddler, The
  • Baerendans
  • Bank of Ireland, The
  • Bank of Turf, The
  • Barter’s Hill
  • Battle of Waterloo, The
  • Beauties of the Ballroom
  • Bell Cow
  • Belle of Lexington, The
  • Bells of Dover
  • Berkeley Reel
  • Bert Murray see Auld Fiddler, The
  • Bibb County Hoedown
  • Bijoux, Reel
  • Billy in the Lowground
  • Bird in the Bush, The
  • Bird in the Tree, The
  • Bitter Creek
  • Black Rock
  • Black Scoter, The
  • Bloom of Youth, The
  • Blue Bonnets Over the Border
  • Blue Earth Special, The
  • Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine
  • Bonhomme, Reel du
  • Bonnie Isabel Robertson
  • Boring the Leather
  • Bound to Have a Little Fun
  • Box Man, The
  • Boyne Water
  • Boys of Antrim, The
  • Boys of Malin, The
  • Boys of the Lough, T(more...)

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