Jayme Stone

The Other Side of the Air

sku: JSR-CD400
2013 - 11 original pieces, plus "Tennessee Waltz," from this five-string adventurer and visionary. "Joined by veteran collaborators, Stone and company engage African, American roots, and contemporary classical elements in service of an imaginary travelogue to destinations known and unknown."   More Details...

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  1. Radio Wassoulou
  2. The Cinnamon Route
  3. Sing It Right
  4. A Poet in Her Own Country
  5. Soundiata
  6. Alexander Island
  7. Debussy Heights

"THIS COUNTRY IS MY HOME" - Concerto for Banjo and Chamber Symphony

  1. Movement One
  2. Movement Two
  3. Interlude
  4. Movement Three
  5. Tennessee Waltz

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