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The Cherry Tree

Alice Gerrard & Beverly Smith


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2013 - "Two of the most respected musicians in old-time music, Alice Gerrard and Beverly Smith have come together to create a seamless blend of duet harmonies in a wonderful collection of songs and tunes - some old, some new - on banjo, fiddle, mandolin and guitar." 16 tracks in all.

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  1. Little Pink
  2. I'm Just Here to Get My Baby Out of Jail
  3. Who's That Knocking at My Window?
  4. Lonesome John
  5. Voices of Evening
  6. Oh Take Me Back
  7. The Cherry Tree Carol
  8. Buffalo Gals
  9. Remember Me
  10. Get Up and Do Right
  11. Jealous Hearted Me
  12. Little Gal Will Fool Me
  13. The More I See of These Cowboys
  14. I Wish I Was a Single Girl Again
  15. Go In and Out the Window
  16. Who Will Shelter My Sheep