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Ten Concert Pieces for Classic Guitar Duo

by Alexander Vinitsky

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Ten duets in different musical styles and varying degrees of difficulty. In addition to several pieces emulating the Baroque and Classical periods, the collection includes compositions inspired by the bossa nova, jazz, blues, and even the musical cross-pollination of the stride piano style. Ideal for recital, concert or festival settings. Audiences, as well as intermediate to moderately advanced guitarists, will enjoy the timeless, international flavor of these engaging original compositions. Notation only. 38 pp.

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  • Three Simple Melodies in the Spanish Style:

Melody 1
Melody 2
Melody 3

  • Simple Things (Bossa Nova)
  • Blues for Two
  • Game Counting (Stride)
  • Greys (Latin)
  • In Search of the Blue Bird (Latin)
  • One Day in Marseilles
  • Piece in a Lyrical Mood