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Stung by the Nettle

Laurel Premo

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2009 -- "... a music full of life that draws from Appalachian, Scandinavian, Folk and Blues Roots." 13 originals plus Blind Willie McTell's "James Alley Blues" from singer and multi-instrumentalist Premo with percussionist Theo Katzman and Andrew Kratzat on upright bass.

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  1. Nine 'a May
  2. Estonia
  3. Happiest Time I Lost My Mind
  4. Baby Baby Baby
  5. Writing Back
  6. Stung by the Nettle
  7. Catch it Now
  8. Daedalus and Icarus
  9. Paperboats
  10. Spidersilk
  11. Christine
  12. James Alley Blues
  13. Shake Away
  14. Go On