String Swing "Keeper" Instrument Hanger

sku: CC01K
A great way to store or display your guitar! String Swing has modified their classic CC01 guitar hanger, one of our most popular accessories. The revamped cradle has a slightly deeper pocket and more upswept tines, holding the instrument headstock a bit more securely. The yoke opening is about 3" wide. (This hanger may be too narrow for some classical guitars. We recommend purchasing the CC01 for use with this type of instrument.) PLEASE NOTE: The customer is entirely responsible for the security of the installation.   More Details...

  • Hardwood base (varies)
  • Padded metal yoke
  • Cradle pivots to accommodate asymmetrical headstocks
  • Hooks flared up for extra security
  • Yoke opening about 1-7/8" wide"
  • Includes screws and drywall anchors