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Straight Up 2600-H Chromium Stainless Heavy Gauge Banjo Strings by Siminoff

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$7.85 USD
Finally, get even and balanced response from all of your strings! Specifically designed to compensate for down pressures at the bridge, making allowances for acoustical differences in strings positioned over the arches of the traditional 3-footed banjo bridge, versus strings positioned over the feet. The result is string-to-string balance in tone, sustain, clarity and timbre, without changing the character of the instrument; also making allowances for longitudinal string tension. Gauges 011 012 014 022w 0105. The G, B, G, and D strings are plain round, carbon-st

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  • Gauges: .011˝, .012˝, .014˝, .022˝w, .0105˝
  • Compensated downloads: D 4.5 lbs, B 3.7 lbs, G 3.2 lbs, D 3.7 lbs, G 4.3 lbs
  • Total down pressure at bridge base: 19.4 lbs
  • Total longitudinal tension: 70 lbs