Mike Seeger

DOWNLOAD ONLY - Southern Banjo Styles: Three DVD Set

taught by Mike Seeger
sku: 300-DVD303SET
DOWNLOAD ONLY. Contains volumes 1, 2 and 3. The banjo inspired a great variety of playing styles in the 19th and early 20th centuries. This in-depth survey will help you develop a full range of repertoire and traditional techniques. Each section features a performance of a historic song, info on its style and source, a close-up of each banjo used, and detailed instruction on how to play it. Clawhammer, frailing, rapping, up-picking, two and three finger techniques, much more. Each song is played on a different historical banjo. Based on Mike Seeger's Grammy nominated CD, "Southern Banjo Sounds" (our stock # FOLKW-CD40107). Intermediate/advanced. Booklets (or PDF files on the discs) with tab and informational notes. 90, 115 and 110 min.   More Details...

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  • Soon In The Morning, Babe - African American clawhammer/picking
  • Josh Thomas's Roustabout - African American accompaniment technique
  • Jim Crack Corn - irregular accent clawhammer style
  • Battle In The Horeshoe - basic clawhammer tune
  • Darling Cora - multi-finger-brush clawhammer techniqe
  • Devil's Dream - North Carolina up-pick, up-&-down-stroke style
  • Little Birdie - 2 finger up-pick, down-stroke style
  • Around The World - 3 finger up-pick down-stroke style
  • Whoopin' Up Cattle - clawhammer and fingerpicking on a double-drone-string banjo
  • Flop Eared Mule - up-picking double note style
  • Lost Gander - thumb-lead piece with harmonics
  • The Sailor and the Soldier - variant of previous technique
  • American Spanish Fandango - 19th century parlor banjo repertoire
  • Got No Silver Nor Gold Blues - Uncle Dave Macon minstrel style
  • Lady Gay - Dock Bogg's style
  • We're Up Against it Now - arpeggio technique
  • That's What Old Bachelors are Made Out Of - waltz time back-up techniques plus up-pick melody playing
  • The Last of Callahan - picking a fiddle tune
  • Last Night When Willie Come Home - in two guitar styles: Maybelle Carter and country ragtime
  • Down South Blues - a Dock Boggs blues played with a "slide"
  • Wabash Blues - clawhammer instrumental, metal fingerpick
  • Bright Sunny South - Wade Mainer/Ralph Stanley "up-up" picking with picks
  • Roll On John - Roscoe Holcomb style, thumb and finger pick
  • Needlecase - early 3 finger instrumental, finger picks
  • Come My Little Pink - Earl Scruggs style
  • I'm Head Over Heels In Love - clawhammer version of Earl Scruggs style

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