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Sixteen Fiddle Tunes for Guitar

taught by Russ Barenberg

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Book/CD pack. A variety of great contra and square dance tunes for both solo guitar and dance band work. Includes playing tips and slowed-down and up-to-speed versions. "Dominion Reel," "Road to California," "Spootiskerry Reel," "Flowers of Edinburgh," "Goodbye Liza Jane," "Fisher's Hornpipe," "Waynesboro," "Opera Reel," "Round the Horn," "Trip to Durrow," "Snowshoer's Reel," "Mac Ilmoyle's Reel," "Miller's Reel," "Rose in the Heather," "Mary Douglas" and "Midnight on the Water." Comb-bound. Note/tab. 33 pp.

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  • Dominion Reel
  • Road to California
  • Spootiskerry Reel
  • Flowers of Edinburgh
  • Goodbye Liza Jane
  • Fisher's Hornpipe
  • Waynesboro
  • Opera Reel
  • Round the Horn
  • Trip to Durrow
  • Snowshoer's Reel
  • Mac Ilmoyle's Reel
  • Miller's Reel
  • Rose in the Heather
  • Mary Douglas
  • Midnight on the Water
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