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Show Me the Way to Go Home

The Down Hill Strugglers


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2015 - The band once known as the Dust Busters: Eli Smith, Walker Shepard and Jackson Lynch, with Pat Conte of Otis Bros. and Secret Museum of Mankind fame. "This album was recorded at home in a field recording style. It sounds like an update of the way the old 78s sound, but without the scratches. The album presents a mix of old time dance tunes, banjo breakdowns, songs and ballads."

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  1. Forked Deer
  2. Arkansas Pullet
  3. Fate of Santa Barbara
  4. Goodbye My Honey I'm Gone
  5. Molly Hare
  6. New Bright Land
  7. Kennesaw Mountain Rag
  8. George Washington
  9. I'll Never Get Drunk Anymore
  10. Eighth of January
  11. If I Die a Railroad Man
  12. Roscoe Parish's Tune
  13. War Boat Blues
  14. Bob Christmas
  15. Hallelujah to the Lamb