Various Artists

Rescue Me! A Cause for Paws

sku: BNR-CD228
2017 - "Dedicated to pets everywhere!" 12 tracks, all devoted to the joys and adventures of life with our animal pals - ALL tracks donated by the performers and writers, with profits donated to animal welfare organizations! Kathy Chiavola, Joel Mabus, Amy White, Cindy Mangsen, Jamie Anderson and more.


  1. Barn Cat - Mary Ann Kennedy
  2. Possum and Pearl - Kathy Chiavola
  3. Our Cats - Cindy Mangsen
  4. Get a Dog - Annie Lalley
  5. My Old Cat - Heidi Muller
  6. My Best Friend - Mark Weems
  7. Kitty Kitty - Ashley Jo Farmer
  8. Why, Why, Why - Friction Farm
  9. Cattitude - Effron White
  10. I Miss the Dog - Jamie Anderson
  11. The Best Dog - Amy White
  12. The Kitty Ditty - Joel Mabus

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