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Peterson SS-HD Strobostomp HD Strobe Pedal Tuner


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$139.00 USD
For over 70 years, Peterson has been trusted by some of the biggest names on stage and in the studio as the standard in tuning accuracy. The StroboStomp HD™ delivers the unmatched 0.1 cent tuning accuracy of an authentic Peterson Strobe Tuner in a compact pedal tuner format. Featuring a large, high-definition LCD strobe display with variable LED color backlight, your instruments will never sound more in tune. A pop-less true bypass mode and a buffered output mode place you in command of your precious tone without compromise. With over 130 exclusive Sweetened Tunings® and Guided Tunings on-board, you'll be able to dial in your sound and tune like the pros!

More Details

  • True Strobe 0.1 Cent Accuracy
  • 100% Pop-less, True Bypass Mode
  • Pure Buffered Output Mode
  • High-Definition LCD Display with LED Backlight
  • User-Configurable Display Backlight Color
  • Easily Visible in Direct Sunlight or Stage Lighting
  • Over 100 Sweetened and Guided Tunings
  • 390Hz - 490Hz Concert A Reference
  • Drop and Capo Transposition
  • Firmware Updateable
  • Peterson Connect™ Compatible
  • 9V Battery or AC Powered with Power Link