Dailey & Vincent

Patriots and Poets

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2017 - 16 genre-busting original songs from these electrifying bluegrass vocalists, with an array of all-star guests including David Rawlings, Bela Fleck, Steve Martin, TaRanda Green and Doyle Lawson.   More Details...

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  1. Gimme All the Love You Got
  2. Beautiful Scars
  3. Baton Rouge
  4. Until We're Gone (feat. TaRanda Green)
  5. Bill and Ole Elijah
  6. Unsung Heroes
  7. Spring Hill
  8. God's Love (feat. Doyle Lawson)
  9. California (feat. Steve Martin)
  10. Here Comes the Flood (feat. David Rawlings)
  11. That Feel Good Music
  12. He's Been So Good to Me
  13. No Place Love Won't Go (feat. Bela Fleck)
  14. That's What We're Put Here to Do
  15. America We Love You
  16. 255 North