Various Artists

On the Threshold of a Dream: Unaccompanied Singing From the Blue Ridge Mountains

sku: BALLAD-CD101
The first release of performances by four traditional singers from western North Carolina: Hazel Rhymer, Zora Walker, Pearl Hicks and Rosa Hicks. Collected by Susan Pepper from 2005-2010.   More Details...

  1. The Old Man from the North Country
  2. The Little Piggy
  3. My Horses Ain't Hungry
  4. The Burglar Man
  5. I'll Give to You a Paper of Pins
  6. Down in the Willow Garden
  7. Tom Dooley
  8. Homemade Toys
  9. The Little Ford
  10. Boy Sells Cow
  11. Barbry Allen
  12. Black Jack Davy
  13. Black Jack Davies
  14. The Bright Morning Star is Arisin'
  15. If That Isn't Love
  16. Will the Gates Swing Open
  17. The Madison County Crew
  18. Pretty Polly
  19. I Love Little Willie
  20. I Want My Big Toe
  21. I'd Rather Be on Hazel Creek
  22. Awake, Awake
  23. Little Mauhee
  24. Mr. Duck and Mr. Turkey
  25. Golden Locks
  26. The Farmer and His Wife
  27. Take Me Back Home
  28. What a Day
  29. O Sing to Me of Heaven
  30. New River Train