On the Outside Looking Out: 5-String Banjo Beyond Bluegrass

by Leon Hunt
sku: 02-30092M
Book with online video. The 5-string banjo is about as American as apple pie. This poses something of a conundrum for those who love the instrument, but don't wish to be confined to bluegrass music. This set is intended to help anyone who wants to take their banjo playing to new exciting places. Intermediate. Tablature only. 96 pp.   More Details...

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Some Fundamentals
Basic chords and technique

No 5-string banjo book is truly complete without it (and a great way to get familiar with the basic chords and technique)

Practice techniques and regimes
Getting the most out of the time you invest

Diddlin’ banjos
Irish Music, a new home for the 5-string?

Finding your place in the music
Groove, dynamics, space, and motive

More music theory (and putting it all into practice)
More extended chords, use of scales
Putting everything you know together… really quickly!

Can you hear me, and more importantly do you like what you hear?