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No Borders

Spinney Brothers

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2013 - 14 cuts of traditional bluegrass: "On That Glorious Day," "Mama's Roses," "The Moon Saw Me Crying," more. Special guests Ron Stewart on fiddle, Gary Dalrymple, Darryl Hebb. Produced by Ron Stewart.

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  1. Louisville Woman
  2. On That Glorious Day
  3. Grandpa's Way of Life
  4. I Wish That I Could Have Met Carter
  5. On That Road Leading Home
  6. I'm Not Over You
  7. I Want My Dog Back
  8. Big Marshall
  9. Mama's Roses
  10. Moon Saw Me Crying
  11. Gotta Go Down
  12. Darlin' Think of What You've Done
  13. He Never Went Away
  14. Whiskey Daniels