Musicnomad Ukulele Humidifier: The Humilele

sku: MN302
Keep your ukulele humidified with this easy-to-use soundhole humidifier. Rests securely between the strings and won't drip or leak, and the flip top offers quick access to see if more water is needed. Works for all sizes of ukulele.   More Details...

  • Ukulele humidifier rests securely between strings and fits in all ukulele soundholes
  • Ukulele manufacturers recommend humidity of their ukulele be kept between 40-55%, use the Humilele when humidity is below 40%
  • Innovative Humid-i-Bar sponge holds 10x its weight in water, features anti-drip, no mess material that safely releases moisture
  • Simple to use, long lasting, low maintenance humidifier for soprano, concert, tenor, baritone ukes
  • Convenient quick flip top lets you check if wet or dry

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