Spinney Brothers


sku: MFR-CD120313
Traditional brother duet singing style of brothers Allan on guitar and Rick on banjo, complemented by Gary Dalrymple on mandolin and Darryl Hebb on upright bass. Special guests Rob Ickes on Dobro and Ron Stewart on fiddle. "Cabin On A Mountain," "Old Roman Soldier," "Lying Ruby," 13 cuts total.   More Details...


  1. Memories
  2. Train Song
  3. Old Roman Soldier
  4. Makin' a Killin'
  5. Chilly Winds
  6. One Day Late and a Dollar Short
  7. Truck Driver's Queen
  8. Rebels Ye Rest
  9. Sally's Waltz
  10. When the Walls Come Tumblin' Down
  11. Lying Ruby
  12. Cabin on a Mountain
  13. What a Wonderful Life