Mandolin Chord Melody System

by Aaron Weinstein
sku: 02-30502
If you've heard jazz guitarists like Joe Pass play chord melody, you may think that it requires an encyclopedic knowledge of music theory, musical super-powers, or making a deal with the devil. But fear not! This will show you how to create your own satisfying chord melody arrangements on the mandolin, in a practical, applicable, non stroke-inducing way. The first section is the mandolinistic stuff: the how-to on getting things moving and connected on the fretboard. It's laid out logically with clear explanations and fun activities. Work through these etudes and you'll know the fretboard and be a better player regardless of your style of music. The second part puts your new-found chops to work playing some great solo chord melody tunes Weinstein style. The author walks us gently into the material by providing two versions of each piece, the basic structure followed by a more developed version. Note/tab. 52 pp.   More Details...

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  • Chapter 1 - Chords... Chords... Chords
  • Chapter 2 - The Left Hand
  • Chapter 3 - The Right Hand
  • Chapter 4 - Bass Lines
  • Explanation of Etudes
  • Etude 1
  • Etude 2
  • Etude 3 Acquaintance
  • Etude 3
  • Etude 4 Acquaintance
  • Etude 4
  • Etude 5 Acquaintance
  • Etude 5
  • Etude 6 Acquaintance
  • Etude 6
  • Etude 7 Acquaintance
  • Etude 7
  • About the Author