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Live at Brashler Barn

Frank Lee & Allie Burbrink


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2016 - Freight Hoppers bandmates "Frank Lee and Allie Burbrink present music from the rural South - early bluegrass, old time, blues, and spirituals. Frank plays banjo, guitar, and resonator guitar; Allie plays guitar, banjo, and harmonica, and they share singing lead and harmony."

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  1. Standing on a Mountain
  2. Sing to the Fallen Eagle
  3. Can't Nobody Hide from God
  4. Elkhorn Ridge
  5. I've Always Been a Rambler
  6. Waves on the Sea
  7. The Sailor and the Soldier
  8. Keep Your Lamp Trimmed and Burning
  9. Sandy Boys
  10. I'm Getting Ready to Go
  11. Come and Go with Me