Learn to Play Mandolin Songs - Intermediate / Advanced, Vol. #10

sku: 196-8080
DOWNLOAD ONLY. This title is available as a DOWNLOAD ONLY. Just click the link above and have it delivered straight to your computer. Book/CD pack. Learn 10 intermediate bluegrass mandolin solos. This volume features a solo for both the verse and chorus to "House Carpenter" and "My Old kentucky Home," plus two of the songs, "Groundhog" and "Train that Carried My Girl From Town," are note-for-note solos from Jethro Burns and John Reischman. The AUDIO portion is presented in 3 steps: each solo is played at normal speed with rhythm guitar; then at half speed; and a jam along version. The book is in tablature with chords, lyrics, and advice on: pick direction, mandolin parts, tuning, open chords for mandolin, bluegrass chop, basic bluegrass chord progressions, more. 48 pp.   More Details...

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  • Country Blues....D
  • Dream of a Miner's Child....B
  • Gold Watch and Chain....A
  • Groundhog....E
  • Hills of Roane County....F
  • House Carpenter....A minor
  • My Dixie Home....G
  • My Old Kentucky Home....C
  • Short Life of Trouble....G
  • The Train That Carried My Girl From Town....G

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