Learn to Play Gospel Mandolin - Intermediate / Advanced, Vol. 2

sku: 196-8061
DOWNLOAD ONLY. This title is available as a DOWNLOAD ONLY. Just click the link above and have it delivered straight to your computer. Book/CD pack. Learn 10 intermediate/advanced bluegrass gospel mandolin solos. This volume features many solos in "up-the-neck" keys of B and Bb, "Going Up on the Mountain" is in "G up-the-neck," a great introduction to the "closed-position" pattern of the key of G. The AUDIO portion is presented in 3 steps: each solo is played at normal speed with rhythm guitar; then at half speed; and a jam along version. The book is in tablature with chords, lyrics, and advice on: pick direction, mandolin parts, tuning, open chords for mandolin, bluegrass chop, basic bluegrass chord progressions, more. 35 pp.   More Details...

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  • Don't You Hear Jerusalem Moan B
  • Farther Along F
  • Fill My Way With Love F
  • Going Up on the Mountain G
  • Go Tell It on the Mountain G
  • In the Sweet By & By Bb
  • Let Me Rest at the End of My Journey B
  • Sweet Heaven When I Die G
  • This World is Not My Home G
  • Wings of Angels A

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