Will Patton

Latitudes and Departures

sku: WP-CD102000
2000 -- Vermont's fluent, poly-stylistic mandolin ace with electric guitarist Steve Blair, drummer Steve Wienert, violinist David Gusakov and others. Some original tunes plus Cannonball Adderly's "Wabash," Fats Waller's "Jitterbug Waltz," Luiz Bonfa's "Samba de Orfeu" and more.   More Details...

  1. Wabash
  2. Jitterbug Waltz
  3. Butch & Butch
  4. Solace
  5. Summerhawk
  6. Hoodoo
  7. Choro
  8. Chasin' a Dream
  9. Pepper
  10. Samba De Orfeu
  11. Ballade For Jessy