Ken Bloom


sku: NEW-CD2014
2014 - Insanely eclectic, Bloomesque variety of tunes on his own bowed dulcimer! with guests Brian Slattery on violin and trombone, Susie Deane on guitar and piano, drummer Charlie Shaw and bassist Marco Brehm. Delta blues, klezmer, Broadway, a Ukrainian waltz, originals and more - 16 in all.   More Details...

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  1. Round Midnight
  2. Biscuit's Bounce
  3. Meprise
  4. Tango de Cuevas
  5. Vainemoinen's Sorrow
  6. Stone Pony
  7. Almost Like Being in Love
  8. Nightfall
  9. San K'Emena Palikari
  10. I Remember Clifford
  11. Khosidl #1, Khosidl #2, Alter Sher
  12. Come On in My Kitchen
  13. Soem Other Time
  14. The Four Brothers
  15. Waltz for my Aunt Luba
  16. Van Eyck