John McGann

John McGann's Sound Fundamentals: Tone, Touch and Technique for Mandolin

taught by John McGann
sku: 618-DVD3
DOWNLOAD ONLY. This title is available as a DOWNLOAD ONLY. Just click one of the links below and have it delivered straight to your computer! Musicians who are known for having great tone and technique understand that a thorough command of each individual component allows them to produce a large pallet of tones in the most comfortable and efficient manner. Learn the secrets to improving your own touch, tone and technique. Covers: getting comfortable, tone guards, straps, choosing the right pick, anchoring, open string exercises, downstrokes vs. alternate picking, crosspicking and tremolo - importance of the loose wrist, left hand fingering, the "duck web" and parallel thumb; synchronizing both hands & unlocking the fingerboard, speed, more. Includes note/tab PDF file.

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