Banjo Mechanics


sku: BFM-CD014
2014 - "We are Canadian banjo prospectors!" Lewis Melville and Ian Pattison in a less-is-more program of 12 original tunes, rendered on two banjos and nothing else: "Tidy It Up," "Splurch!," "Adelaide," "Pterodactyl Ptruk" and more.   More Details...


  1. JLP
  2. Adelaide
  3. Splurch!
  4. Mr. "P"
  5. Tidy It Up
  6. Tying Up the Bamboo
  7. Highway Crow
  8. Still Jiggin' for Trout
  9. Pondi
  10. Pterodactyl Truk
  11. Snowbound
  12. Mine or SQ