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Jewels of Acoustic Blues Guitar, Vol. 2

Jewels of Acoustic Blues Guitar, Vol. 2

taught by Rainer Brunn

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Experience the Elderly Difference
DOWNLOAD ONLY. In his second lesson for Homespun, the excellent German fingerstyle blues artist, Rainer Brunn, teaches five more classic numbers that will bolster your repertoire and expand your arsenal of licks. 

Rainer opens the lesson with Tight Like That, a fun Tampa Red song that features a cool bass walk, filled with licks and great runs. Working out of the G shape, Willie Brown’s Ragged and Dirty utilizes a steady bass along with a recurring sliding syncopation in the left hand.

The perennial favorite Saint James Infirmary, in E minor, incorporates moving and dynamic chord inversions and single-string lines to achieve a beautiful chord/melody arrangement.

Rainer does a great version of the Delmore Brothers’ Deep River Blues, which pays tribute to Doc Watson, but has a unique break arrangement that adds to previous incarnations of this Americana classic.

The lesson closes with “Kansas” Joe McCoy’s Joliet Bound, which has a syncopated groove out of the G position and an infectious groove filled with runs and a melody that will be a great addition to any picker’s repertoire.

Rainer Brunn’s clear and focused lesson will add more “jewels” to your repertoire while expanding your country blues vocabulary and technique. Includes PDF tab booklet. 75 min.
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