by Bruce Emery
sku: 578-10
Fundamental chord progressions and modes. It teaches the most elemental chord progressions and licks and gets you started on the theory and practice of improvisation. If you haven't yet discovered Emery you are in for an unexpected treat! He is funny, clear and totally non-intimidating. Recommended. Spiralbound, 86 pp.   More Details...

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What are jazz chords?
Rhythm changes in the Key of C
Preliminary issues
Minimizing redundant notes
Closed voicings
Extensions and alterations
The Major 6th substitution
Rhythm changes up the neck in C
Recap of the modified rhythm changes
Modified rhythm changes in G
Basic jazz chord roundup
Voice leading
Rhythm changes in G
The spelling of complex chords
Our favorite chord progression – the MVP
Modifications to the MVP
The flat-five substitution
On to the VIP
G7 variants and worksheets
Modifications to the VIP
The flat-five substitution
The MVP and VIP around the fretboard

Modulating with a 2-5-1 progression
The 1234567 progression
Stripped down comping
Examples of jazz standards
Mystery chord analysis
Scales: Jazz a la Mode
Modes in the Key of C
Ionian mode
Dorian mode
Phrygian mode
Lydian and Mixolydian modes
Aeolian and Locrian modes
Modes shmodes?
Worksheet on the modes
Improvising on the modes
Arpeggios first, then scales
C-shape modes
A-shape modes
G-shape modes
E-shape modes
D-shape modes
C-shape modes (high)
Improvising with the E- and C-shape modes