Jayme Stone

Jayme Stone's Folklife

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sku: BORL-CD247
2017 - "Sea Island spirituals, Creole calypsos and stomp-down Appalachian dance tunes. 'Jayme Stone's Folklife' follows the bends and bayous through the deep river of song and story. Evolving out of Stone's 'Lomax Project,' this gathering of versatile musicians blows the dust off of old songs and remakes them for modern ears." With Moira Smiley, Sumaia Jackson, Joe Phillips, Felicity Williams, Denzel Sinclaire, Nick Fraser, Dom Flemons and Ron Miles.   More Details...


  1. Candy Gal
  2. Mwen Pas Danse
  3. There Is More Love Somewhere
  4. Hey, Lally Lally Lo
  5. Drunken Hiccups
  6. Buttermilk
  7. Hallelujah
  8. Boatsman
  9. That's All Right
  10. Wait On the Rising Sun

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