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Jam Session Standards for Mandolin, Vol. 1

with Dan Huckabee

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DOWNLOAD ONLY. This title is available as a DOWNLOAD ONLY. Just click the link above and have it delivered straight to your computer. Book/CD pack. Learn to play 10 easy bluegrass mandolin solos that are exciting and inspiring and will impress your listeners. On the CD each lesson is presented in 3 steps: each solo is played at normal speed with accompanying guitar; next, the solo is played at half speed; and lastly, a jam along version allows you to play along. The jam track consists of 5 rounds, with solos on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th rounds and an empty space for the student on the 2nd and 4th. The book is in note/tab with chords and supportive material such as: Pick Direction, Mandolin parts, Setting & Tuning the Bridge, Open Chords for Mandolin, Bluegrass chop, Basic Bluegrass Chord Progressions, Key Changing Wheel, Mandolin Fingerboard Chart, Finger Exercises, Crazy Scales, more. 46 pp.

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  • Arkansas Traveler....D
  • Cherokee Shuffle....A
  • Home Sweet Home....C
  • Hop High Ladies....A
  • June Apple....A
  • Kingdom Coming (Melody)....D
  • Kingdom Coming (Harmony)....D
  • Redwing....G
  • The Girl I Left Behind Me....D
  • Weavin’ Way....A
  • Wildwood Flower....C
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