Irish Pennywhistle

taught by Cathal McConnell
sku: 300-567
DOWNLOAD ONLY. This title is available as a DOWNLOAD ONLY. Just click the link above and have it delivered straight to your computer. Book/3 CD package. Starting with basic scales and simple tunes, Cathal introduces increasingly difficult moves, such as rolls, grace notes, piping techniques (the cran) and even playing two whistles at once. Over 35 tunes: "O'Donnell Abu," "Si Beag, Si Mor," "The South Wind," "It's Not Yet Day," "The Lakes Of Ponchartrain," "Kesh Jig," "Banish Misfortune," "The Fairhaired Boy," "Drowsy Maggie," more. Beginners. Comb-bound. 31 pp.   More Details...

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  • It's Not Yet Day
  • O'Donnell Abu
  • Si Beag Si Mor
  • The South Wind
  • The King of the Faeries
  • Brian Bohru's March
  • The Lakes of Ponchartrain
  • The Little Beggarman
  • The Foggy Dew
  • The Kesh Jig
  • The Temperance Reel
  • Give Me Your Hand
  • Rodney's Glory
  • The Rambling Pitchfork
  • Anything for John-Jo
  • Morrison's Jig
  • Drowsy Maggie
  • Rita Keane's Jig
  • The Maid of Mt. Cisco
  • Tommy People's Jig
  • The Musical Priest
  • Banish Misfortune
  • Tommy People's Jig #2
  • Colin McGinley's Jig
  • O'er the Moor to Maggie
  • The Fairhaired Boy
  • Micho Russell's Reel
  • The Boy in the Gap
  • Fraher's Jig
  • The Lark in the Morning
  • Spailpin A Run
  • Toss the Feathers
  • The Gander at the Pratie Hole
  • Casey's Reel
  • Ian MacDonald's E Minor Air
  • The Humours of Lissadell
  • Going to the Well for Water
  • The Sunset Reel
  • Larry O'Graff
  • The Oak Tree
  • The Flowers of the Forest
  • The Blarney Pilgrim