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Ireland: Crossroads of Art and Design: 1690-1840

Various Artists

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Tunes compiled, and corresponding to an art exhibition at the Art Institute of Chicago, in honor of the beauty and variance of Irish music throughout generations. Features performances from co-producer/songwriter/fiddler Liz Carroll, harpist Catriona McKay, fiddler Liz Knowles, flutist/piper/tinwhistle player Kieran O'Hare, and others. Including some pieces culled from sources such as the Goodman Collection, the Petrie Collection, Edward Bunting, others. Tunes by William Forde, Turlough Carolan, Denis Hempson, and trad-style originals written by Liz Carroll. Includes booklet highlighting select images of exhibition entries, background notes about the tunes.

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  1. Carolan's Concerto
  2. Portraiture and Theater: Blind Daniel the Piper (March) / Crow Street (Reel)
  3. Lady Gordon's Minuet
  4. Dublin and Bookbindings: A View from the North (Air)
  5. Soft Mild Morning
  6. Religion, Metalwork and Ceramics: The Lough Derg Cross (Air) / A Tale of a Tub (Reel) / The Potter's Wheel (Reel)
  7. The Droning Old-Aged Woman (Jig) / Byrns March
  8. Textiles, Glass, Musical Instruments and Fancy Work: Planxty Charles Bunworth / Rose and Kathleen's Slip Jig
  9. The Dark Slender Boy (Air)
  10. Furniture: The Plane of the Plank (Hornpipe) / The Knight of Glin's Jig
  11. Sir Ulick Burke (Lament)
  12. Landscapes and Tourism: Irishtown (March)
  13. (It Was) A Magic Mist That Came Over Me One Night and Put Me Astray
  14. The Irish Country House: The True Love of My Heart (Slow Piece)
  15. Carolan's Farewell to Music