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DVD - How to Play the 5-String Banjo

taught by Pete Seeger

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Pete discusses up-picking, frailing, whamming, double-thumbing, hammering-on and pulling-off, tremolo, 6/8 time, Calypso rhythm, two-finger and three-finger picking, plus a wide variety of songs including: "Darlin' Cory," "Leather Britches," "Coal Creek March," "East Virginia," more. The title is somewhat misleading - there really isn't much instruction for beginners. Intermediate. Tab included as either booklet or PDF file on the disc. 60 min.

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  • Darlin' Cory
  • Lady Gay
  • Risselty Rosselty
  • Sloop John B.
  • Dink's Song
  • Leather Britches
  • Coal Creek March
  • In The Evening When The Sun Goes Down
  • Quite Early Morning
  • East Virginia
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