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DVD - Great Banjo Lessons: Clawhammer Style


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The eight lessons on this DVD represent clawhammer instruction at its best, chosen to give learning players new techniques, tunes and musical insights. The lessons start at a beginner level then progress through many complexities of the style. Bob Carlin: basic technique and "Shortenin' Bread." Mike Seeger: African-American fretless style and "Josh Thomas's Roustabout." Cathy Fink: double thumbing and moving up the fretboard, "Cumberland Mountain Bear Chase." David Holt: more double thumbing and variations on "Cripple Creek." Kirk Sutphin: performance and discussion of "John Brown's Dream." Ralph Stanley: "Shout Little Lulie" and "Little Birdie." Mark Johnson: "clawgrass" rolls and melodic licks, "Cherokee Shuffle." Frank Lee: "Sandy Boys." Tablature included as PDF file on the disc. 90 min.

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  • Bob Carlin: Basic technique and Shortenin’ Bread
  • Mike Seeger: African-American fretless style: Josh Thomas’s Roustabout
  • Cathy Fink: Double thumbing and moving up the fingerboard: Cumberland Mountain Bear Chase
  • David Holt: More double thumbing and variations on Cripple Creek
  • Kirk Sutphin (with Mike Seeger and Greg Hooven): Performance and discussion of the old-time tune John Brown’s Dream
  • Ralph Stanley: Shout Little Lulie and Little Birdie
  • Mark Johnson (with Emory Lester): “Clawgrass” rolls and melodic licks: Cherokee Shuffle
  • Frank Lee (with the Freight Hoppers): Sandy Boys
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