Gold Tone Micro Bass Strings

sku: GTMBS
SET OF 4 - Standard string set for 23" or 25"" scale MicroBass and ME-Bass - Stretchy synthetic strings designed by Aquila to tune to standard EADG bass tuning. 

Designed to imitate the sound of an upright bass. Long-lasting and easy to fret.  See below for more info.   More Details...

This rubber-based string best imitates the warm, vibrant sound of an upright bass. Similar strings are used on other 'Bass Ukuleles', like the Kala U-Bass. They are also extremely easy to fret, and last a very long time. However, they do require: a break-in period, more turns of the post when adjusting tuning and sometimes requires lifting the string above the nut to prevent thinning. Some bass players have also mentioned "stickiness" but this can easily be eliminated by using string lubricant or baby powder.