Jimmy Gaudreau & Elle Mears

Give Us Strength

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2017 - Bluegrass mandolin ace Gaudreau with his niece Elle Mears, a project many years in the making! "A group of uplifting songs by some of Jimmy's favorite songwriters, some old favorites, and one Jimmy original." With special guests Jonathan Edwards, Eric Brace & the Skylighters, Chesapeake and John Starling & Carolina Star.   More Details...

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  1. You Go to Your Church and I'll Go to Mine
  2. The Sailor's Prayer
  3. Saving Me a Place
  4. Morning Glory
  5. Let Us Cross over the River
  6. Going up Home to Live in Green Pastures
  7. Give Us Strength
  8. A Prayer for My Friend
  9. Everybody's Reaching out for Someone
  10. It's Worth Having Faith
  11. Wires and Wood
  12. Full Force Gale (Live)