Getting Into Jazz Mandolin

by Ted Eschliman
sku: 02-20835M

Book/Online audio set. Takes four uncomplicated fretboard patterns and drills physical familiarity into your fingers, softening the fear of upper frets and preparing you for the harmonic alterations necessary for playing complex music. After a brief introduction into modes, you are eased into jamming with audio accompaniment and eventually an initiation into the most fundamental jazz chord progression, the 'ii V7 I' pattern. From the horizontal (melody) to the vertical (chords), the results are an instinctive grasp of tonal centers and the improvisational fodder for effective performing. With an emphasis on pinky strength, finger control and sustain, the exercises also develop your concepts of tone and melody. Beginners. 119 pp.

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  • Introduction and Philosophy
  • Four Finger Closed Position (FFcP)
  • Half-Step Scale Degrees
  • Ionian Mandology
  • Practice Hints
  • General Starting Positions One Octave FFcP Major Scales
  • Moving the FFcP up the Fingerboard
  • Moving on Up
  • The Secret of Half Steps
  • Gravity Notes
  • Guides and Gravity
  • Arpeggios: Subconscious Melodic Roadmaps
  • Maj7 Arpeggios
  • Dom7 Arpeggios
  • Min7 Arpeggios
  • Min6 Arpeggios
  • Minor 6th and Half Diminished 7ths Chords (m7b5)
  • Lydian DUDU
  • Melodic Improvisational Concepts
  • More Modal Considerations
  • Dorian Patterns
  • A Little bit of Gypsy: The Aug 11th Scale
  • The Altered Scale
  • Bebop Mandology
  • Minor in Possession
  • One small step for a mandolin, one giant leap from a G Chop
  • Minor: V7(b9)i
  • Minor Cadences: V7(b9)i
  • Chord and Melody: Transition
  • Minor World Dominants
  • Jazz Harmonic Function
  • The "ii V7 I"
  • Sample Stock ii V7 I Chord Fingerings
  • Sample Stock ii7b5 V7 i Chord Fingerings
  • How High the Minor Two?
  • Major ii V7 I 2nd
  • Major ii V7 I 3rd
  • Major ii V7 I 1st
  • Major ii V7 I 4th
  • Minor ii7b5 V7 i
  • Minor ii7b5 V7 i 2nd
  • Minor ii7b5 V7 i 3rd
  • Minor ii7b5 V7 i 4th
  • Blues 501: Advanced Blues Progressions
  • Turn Around Progressions
  • Mandolin Chord User Template
  • Turnarounds
  • Tri-tone Substitutions
  • Tri-tone Sub Application
  • Mandolin Chord Economics
  • Gb13-9 "Chop"?
  • Mandolin Chord User Template
  • Symmetrical Fretboard "Tricks": Diminished and Augmented Chords
  • Beyond Tonal Centers
  • Improvisation: Pattern Based vs Theory Based
  • Part of the Team: On Ensemble Playing
  • Parting Thoughts
  • About the Author
  • Acknowledgements
  • Mandolin Chord User Templates