Frankie Finds the Blues

story by Joel Harper; Illustrations by Gary Kelley
sku: 49-285056
When Frankie's grandmother invites him to a blues concert, he's hesitant at first – he loves hip hop! But he can't resist his beloved grandmother's invitation. Little does he know, that night ignites his passion for learning to play the blues. He not only learns to play guitar, but also discovers the roots of the blues and its profound influence on popular music. “I absolutely love this book! I wish every kid who loves music could get a chance to read this and discover not only how fantastic the blues is, but understand why it is the living root of so much of the music we love today – from hip hop and rap, to classic and new R&B – even pop, rock and dance.” – Bonnie Raitt.  Hardcover. 9" x 11" 40 pp.

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