Beverly Smith & John Grimm

For the Sake of Days Gone By

sku: BESM-CD4346
2016 - Sophomore outing from north Georgia's purveyors of old-time music and song: "Camp Chase," "Last Gold Dollar," "My Old Pal of Yesterday," "Praise the Lord - Salvation Has Been Brought Down," 15 in all.   More Details...


  1. Rocky Road to Dublin
  2. East Virginia #2
  3. Camp Chase
  4. Bonnie Bess
  5. White Creek / Grey Eagle
  6. Last Gold Dollar
  7. Jaybird in a High Oak Tree
  8. Praise the Lord (Salvation Has Been Brought Down)
  9. Young Edward
  10. Ask That Pretty Gal to be My Wife / Hooker‘s Hornpipe
  11. High and Dry
  12. Burt Anderson
  13. My Old Pal of Yesterday
  14. Paddy on the Turnpike
  15. For the Sake of Days Gone By