Flatpicking Fiddle Tunes

by Dan Crary
sku: 300-561
DOWNLOAD ONLY. This title is available as a DOWNLOAD ONLY. Just click one of the links below and have it delivered straight to your computer. Book/6 CD pack. More than 20 great fiddle tunes, plus lightning-fast licks, pick technique, learning from records and other invaluable playing tips. Songs include: "Black Mountain Rag," "Blackberry Blossom," "Sally Goodin," "Huckleberry Hornpipe," "Dill Pickle Rag," "Arkansas Traveller," "Forked Deer," and more. Tablature only. 56 pp.   More Details...

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  • Black Mountain Rag
  • Julie's Reel
  • Blackberry Blossom
  • Dill Pickle Rag
  • Sally Goodin
  • Grey Eagle
  • Forked Deer
  • Foggy Mountain Guitar
  • The Blackbird
  • Jenny's Waltz
  • The Strayaway Child
  • Old Hag/Old Hag You Have Killed Me/Morrison's Jig
  • Huckleberry Hornpipe
  • Arkansas Traveler
  • Turkey In The Straw
  • Dusty Miller
  • Lime Rock
  • Lady's Fancy